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About The Author
Steven Fernandes
Steven got an overall 90 score in PTE Academic Exam (YOU can get it too). Knowing that preparing for this exam with other responsibilities and limited time can be hard and wanting to help others who are going through this challenge, he decided to make it his mission to help the most people get their desired score and fulfil their dreams.   
Steven is Author of the E-book 'Ultimate Guide to the PTE Academic'. After working with hundreds of test takers and helping them clear the exam, Steven has developed a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't when it comes to the Exam.
What Others Are Saying About Steven
  • Hope you are doing well! I have cracked the PTE with equivalent to 7 bands. Frankly saying, I spent 10 hours continuously and gone through all your tips mentioned in the book. I implemented this in the exam as well with Thanks for all your help Steven. 
    Pradeep R 
  • Finally! I passed the PTE. Here are my scores: L- 82 R-78 S- 90 W- 81 I can now proceed with the EOI. Thank you for your advice and tips! 
    Sandy S
  • HI Steven - I just wanted to send you an update - I got overall 82.  (83,79, 86, 81) Thanks once again. Actually, I was struggling to get the required overall 65 in last 2 attempts.
    Nitin K
  • My name is Victor. Thanks a lot for your PTE guide mate. It helped me to pass my PTE exam. S65 R74 W76 L76 I needed 65 for Australian SkillSelect. Now I have applied for state sponsorship. (190 visa). Waiting for them to chose me.Special thanks for your essay template. They really work. I had the essay on Climate change topic. I followed all your advice: to sleep well, caffeine (triple espresso), introduction, motivating wallpaper on the desktop. Thank you once again and all the best.  
    Victor Z
  • I would like to inform you that I have got my required score in PTE academic at my first attempt. Your book was really helpful for me. 
    1 week before my exam I took practice test 1 and it was a disaster. So I got scared as I didn't have much time to improve.Then I have bought your book and read the whole book in 1 day and tried to follow the tips.Then I took the second practice test just 1 day before my exam and my score improved. Finally, I have got what I wanted and without losing money for repeated attempts.   
    You are a saviour indeed. May God bless you. 
    Moumita C