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How Do You Practice For The PTE?

This is why MOST people never have success.
Most people either never put in the practice required or don't have access to high quality exam-like material. 

Why Sometimes Strategy Isn't Enough...

You need to PRACTICE using the strategies.
You improve your skill through repetition and by learning from your mistakes.

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When you're ready to stop trying and start doing...
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Ultimate PTE 
Preparation Course
An Expert Video Course by a 90 scorer
This course Includes.....
1- Ultimate PTE Video Tutorials ($147 VALUE)

Expert strategies you must know for each section before taking the exam to avoid mistakes.

Little known tips, tricks and templates that will build confidence in the speaking section.
3 Essay templates with examples.

How the automated scoring of the PTE Academic works...(and how we can use it to our advantage)

The 2,500 words you must know to ace the Reading section.
(Fact: There are 1 million + words in English. That's a 99.75% reduction)


500+ Questions via Practice Drills

Enter the exam with confidence
- These have been created for each questions type.
- Work and improve on the questions you are struggling with the most. 
- 13+ hours worth of practice material

Explanations and Sample Answers

This is why MOST people never have success.
-Most people either never put in the practice required or never learn from their mistakes. 
-We provide explanations so you understand where you went wrong and can avoid making similar mistakes in the exam. 

High-Quality (HQ) material

Feel the difference
- Created by native English speakers and language experts. 
-You will encounter questions similar to what you receive in the exam. 

Easy to use Format

No complex software to deal with.
- All drills are in an easy to use video format so you can focus on what matters -> Learning and improving your skills. 
-Simply hit the play button and get started for each section. 
3- Ebook  ($29 vALUE)

Ultimate Guide To The PTE Academic - Steven Fernandes 

Learn the secrets to getting your desired score from a band 90 scorer in the exam.
Save money in re-attempts and get the strategies that actually work

*The correct attitude and mentality to have while preparing and taking the PTE Exam

*Covers each and every question type under the Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading Section and shows you  exactly what you can do to maximize your score in each section

*Goes into details on how every section is scored and how to go about answering them

*A simple preparation plan and schedule that you can follow

*Contains what NOT TO DO during the exam that will keep you from increasing your score.
Bonus #1

3 Full Offline Mock Tests!  ($29 Value)

- 200+ questions with explanations and sample answers
- Download these to your computer device so you can access them anytime (even when you don't have an internet connection)
Bonus #2

Personal Email Support  ($50 Value)

 - Have zero doubts and confusion. (Email us any time for help)
 - We are here to answer any unanswered questions you may have related to the PTE. 
 - We care about your success and will provide support till you make it!
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Enough about others. 
Do YOU have what it takes to make it?
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Basic plan for self-study
  • Ebook (Ultimate guide to the PTE Academic)
  • Video course
  • PTE Practice Plus
  • 3 Month Email Support

Most Popular

Need help with Writing and Speaking
  • Ebook (Ultimate guide to the PTE Academic)
  • Video course
  • PTE Practice Plus
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 2 Writing Task Assesment 
  • 2 Speaking Task Assesment
Full power
Must pass the PTE. Whatever it takes
  • Ebook (Ultimate guide to the PTE Academic)
  • Video course
  • PTE Practice Plus
  • Unlimited Email Support till you pass
  • 4 Writing Task Assesment 
  • 4 Speaking Task Assesment 
  • 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions with Steven
Here are some common Q and A’s that you might have…
How long is the Ultimate PTE Preparation Course?
There are 40 video segments covering all aspects of the exam. The total duration is ~6.5​ hours. You can learn at your own pace and even skip segments you are already comfortable with.  The practice drills included have 500+ questions and 15+ hours of practice.  
Do you go over solved examples of questions?
Yes, I solve examples of the most difficult questions(Describe Image, retell lecture, summarize written text, all questions in the reading section, etc) in the PTE right in front of you so you get an Idea of how a 90 scorer would do it in the exam,
I have good English. Do I really need this course?
Having good English and having good test taking skills for the PTE Academic are two separate aspects. While having good English will help, you also need the test taking skills taught in this course to get the best possible score.
How will the course be delivered and how can I access the videos?
This is an entirely online course. After your purchase, you will be asked to create a login and password and be given a link to the membership area so you can access the course immediately. You can view the view the videos anytime 24/7 from the membership area. Note that the videos are not downloadable. You can view them online anytime through your laptop/computer/tablet/smartphone (Apple, Android). 
Are mock tests and practice questions included in the course?
Yes, there are 3 Full offline practice tests for you to practice. 
The PTE Practice Plus that comes along with the course also has extensive practice drills that help train you for the exam. It even comes with explanation of answers so you can learn from your mistakes. These have been developed by native English test developers to give you the highest quality material. 
How do I know if the strategies in the videos will work for me?
Being skeptical and doubtful is normal. I ask you to take this doubt into the course and see for yourself the confidence in taking the exam that will later emerge. If it has worked for others why won't it work for you?
In any case, we have a 60-day money back guarantee (scroll below for details).  So I am literally taking all the risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sounds fair?
Do I need to download any other programs on my computer?
No. You just need to have an internet connection fast enough to stream videos. If you could watch the video on this page without issues, you will be able to watch the rest of course as well. 
I don’t normally shop online. Is it safe?
Absolutely – your security is our biggest concern. Our payments processor use the highest level of security and is PCI compliant, which is one of the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. We have several payment options (Credit Card, PayPal, Instamojo for India). You are also covered by our 60-day money back guarantee!
Which option should I go for?
Short Answer:
Budget - I am a first time test taker looking for a low cost self-study option. 
Executive - I need help with the speaking or writing section. 
Full Power - I want to work with Steven personally and am highly motivated to do whatever it takes. 

Detailed answer:
The 'Budget' option is for those taking the exam for the first time or are falling short of their desired score by 0-7 points. It is a low cost option for those capable of working on their own. 

The 'Excecutive' plan is recommended for those who are lagging behind in the Speaking and Writing section. The assesments we provide with this option is a great way to improve. Our expert team will analyze your recordings/writing, identify any mistakes you are making and provide personalized feedback via email on what you need work upon.  
Recommend if you are 7-15 points behind or need to work on the Speaking and Writing sections. 

The 'Full Power' plan comes with 4 assesments. You also get two 30 mins 1-1  sessions with me. This is a great oppurtunity to stay motivated and get personal guidance to help you cross the line. Only the most serious test-taker opt for this. 
Recommended if you are 15+ points behind and if you are highly motivated to succeed.
How long can I access the course?
You will be ablel to access the course for the below duration. 
Budget - 3 months
Executive - 6 months 
Full Power - 6 months

We want you to pass the exam as soon as possible. We understand that external circumstances may get in the way. If this happens, the above duration for access can be extended by dropping us a requet via email. 
Look, if you are still reading this, I can tell that you really must be serious about passing this exam. I understand, I've been there before. I've had the same doubts and fears that you have.

Not knowing if I had what it takes to make it. Not sure about how things will turn out . These were the doubts that ran through my head as well at one stage.
For a minute I want you to set aside these thoughts.

Take a moment to think about what would it mean to you when you do get your desired score.

Think about how better your life will be. Not just your life. Would it put your family and loved ones in a better position? These are all thoughts worthy of your consideration. 

The truth is it's the action takers that eventually gets the thing they want. Are you one of them? If yes, I'll see you on the other side. Don't mess this up. 

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...

Money back Guarantee

We offer a 60 day Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the program. Refer to the below. 
You may be thinking: I’m low on cash and want to make sure this program is valuable. Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

You’re covered solid by our 60 day complete money back guarantee.

Go through all the video lectures and practice drills. Try the program out.

If you’re still unsatisfied for any reason at all, send an email to our support team and you’ll get your money back in full, as long as you let us know within 60 days of your purchase.

However — it’s conditional.

This material is meant for action takers. You must show proof you’ve taken actually done the practice questions. We provide a tracker along with the course that you can fill up as you practice. This lets us know you put this material to use and were serious about getting your desired PTE score.

We just want to know that you’ve given the program a fair shot and took action. Taking action is what is going to give you results you need and take you closer to your goals.  Goals that your future self or family will thank you for.  
*Please keep in mind that results may vary from person to person* - COPYRIGHT- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED