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From: Steven Fernandes
RE: Getting your desired PTE Score
Dear Test Taker,

The reason you are on this page is probably because you need to get that Visa to study in a university abroad or to live in a country of your dreams. Whatever the case may be, you are one of the few who have taken a decision to reach out for something more in life. Anything worth achieving doesn't come without challenges, and the PTE Academic is one of the Tests you need to overcome to achieve your dreams and goals.

The truth is, only the best come through, as increasing competition are requiring higher Test Scores to improve your chances of getting through. How can you get ahead of this competition? Don't worry, I've made it my mission to help you out :) 

Steven Fernandes
Look, if you must clear this Exam no matter what and have no idea how to get there, I completely understand how you feel. I was in the same shoes some time back needing a score of 79 to get required points and achieve my goal of getting an Australian PR Visa.

I remember struggling with my preparation back when I first started.....practicing the describe image section and not knowing what to say, let alone being able to cover everything in the given time....I too used to get stuck and fumble after nearly every sentence I spoke in the speaking section.

It’s not just you who struggles in the reading section with the reorder paragraph and can't figure out what paragraph come first. Hell, any order seems right at first!!

It’s not just you that struggles jotting down notes in the listening section...worrying if you've captured everything that is being said.

I too struggled to figure out what was required to get my writing score up.

If any of this describes your PTE preparation so far, I've got great news for you:

I've Had It All. And I Know How To Help.
What is the best way to answer each section? How do I get the maximum score in each section? All of these unanswered questions will now be made available to you.

I stuck through the challenges I earlier faced and gave mock after mock, figuring out which techniques and strategies work and which doesn't. The strategies I eventually finalized and used in the exam turned out to be so POWERFUL that I ended up with an overall score of 90!! Check here

Seeing so many other going through 'PTE Preparation hell' and getting asked by numerous people "Steven, what exactly do I need to do to get through this?", I decided to condense my learnings into a Book, so that others on this journey just like you, can benefit from my experiences. And now it’s not just me that have benefited from these strategies, they have helped my friends and other test takers around the world, and can even help you improve your score as well no matter what your current level of English is.
And here is the e-book created to realize this: the must-have PTE resource
"Ultimate Guide To The PTE Academic"
→ It is written in plain English that can be understood by anyone.

→ It guides you step-by-step through the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests.

→It gives you the best strategies and tips on how to do PTE Academic tasks.

→ It shows you what NOT to do for each section.

→ It breaks down how each section is scored.

→It protects you from walking into PTE traps that lower your score.

It is guaranteed to maximise your PTE score in one month or less - that's a promise!

Getting your desired score in the exam is probably easier than you think, but it does require some strategizing and practice. In this EBook, you'll get access to specific examples of how to answer each question type while maximizing your score. This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, it's fast-paced, and it's all about getting solid results be it getting 50, 65, 79 or even 90!
I remember crawling the Internet for advice, spending countless hours looking for bits of information here and there. If I look back, that were all precious time I could have spent actually practicing or better yet spending it doing the things I love, with my family and friends.

In this EBook, I'll show you exactly how to get your desired score fast - very simply - 
I'll be revealing all of my secrets and give you a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your score in the Exam. 
No matter what your level of English, if you honestly use the strategies provided, you can say good-bye to your frustrating preparation so far and get ready for it to be transformed into more efficient one increasing your score.
So, How Much Does This Book Cost?
Think about receiving that Golden Visa Grant to live abroad... Think about the prospect of studying, working and living at a World Class International location.
What price do you put on fulfilling your dreams?

How serious are you about achieving them, so that you can provide a better life for you and your family?

It costs around $200 dollars to appear for the actual exam depending on where you are located. A re-attempt is a costly affair and is something any wise person obviously wants to avoid. 
If you're one of the next 150 people to purchase this book, you will invest only $29.95 $19.95
This is a limited time offer that is available only to the next 150 people because as a bonus I am offering my personal support via email to the next 150 people. I will be answering any questions or doubts you may have after reading the book. Anytime after your purchase, you can drop in an email to info[@] and I'll do my personal best to answer them within 48 hours. 
Make sure you pick up this book during the short duration you see it at the discounted price.

$29.95 $19.95 is low enough to make it affordable to anyone Serious about clearing this exam and fulfilling their dreams. It is also high enough to keep away the freebie seeks, who are too scared to take action anyways and ensure this material is available to those who will actually put it to use.
Don't Take My Word For It
(Read what others have to say)
Bino cleared the PTE in his first attempt with 90 in all the sections
Paresh strongly recommends the Ultimate guide to the PTE Academic
Anjali scored 90 in all the sections
Francisca got her score for post graduation admission
Vaishnavi achieved a 90 score after her efforts
(check her scorecard below)
Sriram got his 90 score using the Ebook
(check his scorecard below)
Kaustubh got his desired score of 79+ in all modules
Eesha's scored overall 79 in the PTE exam
Divyank got his desired score of 65+ 
Sandy is proceeding with the EOI 
Arijit will be in Australia soon
Manhar got his desired score of 79+
Kasun's progress and result was amazing
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Ebook
  •  The Correct Attitude and Mentality to have while preparing and taking the PTE Exam. 
  •  Covers each and every question type under the Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading Section and shows you Exactly what you can do to Maximize your Score in each section.
  • Free Tools and Resources that you will assist you in your preparation. 
  •  Goes into Details on how every section is Scored and how to go about answering them.
  •  A Simple Preparation Plan and Schedule that you can follow.
  •  Contains what not to do during the exam that will keep you from increasing your score.
  •  Most importantly, your gateway to the Visa allowing you to Study/Live abroad with your family.
The book is a 80 page e-book. You will receive a download link after payment that will allow you to instantly download it. You will also receive an email with a download link.
Your e-book is a PDF file that can be read on any computer, laptop or mobile device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc). Take it with you anywhere, anytime.
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We're ready to prove everything we claim. Download The E-book right now, and see it for yourself. If at the end of the 30 days you feel your preparation wasn't transformed and the book didn't help you out, I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. 
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